Eco-Fishing Monster Trout & Northerns

When you reel in a lunker northern pike, you are focused on getting the fish into the boat, not wanting to lose it during the thrashing melee that ensues when netting the catch.

All too often, this is when serious injury to the fish occurs; sadly, and much to the distress of the well-intended angler, this is how many trophy pike and trout are inadvertently killed when catch and release techniques go wrong.

At Hearne Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories, they employ catch and release techniques that include the use of barbless hooks, fish cradles and encouraging fish release at the side of the boat. In this way, they are able to sustain a healthy fishing program that allows anglers to enjoy the thrill of the catch, while causing minimal injury to fish and trophy fish populations.

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Release of northern pike.  Courtesy of Hearne Lake Lodge
Fish cradle (top) used to corral magnificent northern pike while removing the barbless hook .