Eco-Fishing Lake Trout
and Big Northern Pike

Encounters with trophy sized northern pike (a.k.a jack-fish) and lake trout have become rare or non-existent in southern watershed systems.

Fortunately, the majority of the lakes in the Northwest Territories still have healthy stocks of freshwater giants, which, age wise, are often older than the human that holds them up for display.

Since the fish are plentiful and near the surface even in summer, they are easily caught and handled with minimal injury.

Eco-fishing techniques have come into practice that enable fishing enthusiasts to catch these massive freshwater predators in a sustainable way, experiencing the thrill of extreme fishing while respecting the fish and the eco-system.

Beginning last summer, PhotosNorth has been featuring photos stories from recreational lodges in the Canadian North, to investigate the evolving eco-fishing practice.

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Prize northern pike (top) and lake trout caught using eco-fishing techniques. Photos compliments of Hearne Lake Lodge  NWT, Canada

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